New England Plumbing Sump Pump Installation NH MA

Having water problems in your basement? With large amounts of snow accumulation, and rain in the early spring months many Mass residents have basement flooding. We employ a experienced crew of servicemen that can install a sump pump which would eliminate your water headaches. If this sounds like a solution to your problems please Contact Read more about New England Plumbing Sump Pump Installation NH MA[…]

Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

$1500 Tax Credit 2009 – Energy Efficient Plumbing and Heating Products 2009 is a great time to have energy efficient furnaces and water heaters installed in your business, commercial property or home. The government is offering a TAX CREDIT for certain energy efficient products. Learn about credits for certain Energy Efficient Furnaces and Water Heaters from the government website and Read more about Energy Efficiency Tax Credit[…]

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